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Scottish terrier

While choosing a breed we are all trying to imagine, how the life of a family will change with a dog.

The beauty of the life with Scottish terrier is that it will be the life, which owner wants. First, Scotties are very intuitional and empathic dogs. They are extremely good at assessing the moment and behaving accordingly. Scotties will be playful and emotional when their family is having fun. Scottie will be serious and attentive in case you want to share your troubles. Each and any of them will be peacefully sleeping when you are busy. If you decided to take your Scottie for a friends’ visit, business meeting or vacation, he will be an example of good manners. Second, Scotties are self-sufficient and easy to adapt to your life-style. You’ll never have issues with a Scottie to wait for you from work or requesting long regular strolls or irritating barking. At the same time, Scottish terriers are strong and durable dogs, so they will be happy to participate in an active weekend. The last but not the least, Scotties are very intellectual dogs with a great sense of humor, so they’ll find the way to the hearts of all members of the family regardless of age or temperament. 


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